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Sabah is the most popular place and one of the interesting tourist sites in Malaysia. Actually, I am a native son which come from Sabah and I live in a small area called Semporna. I want to share what is interesting about the place around of my hometown and also all the diversity of food, cultural and festival celebration in my hometown Semporna.

About my hometown, I leave near the beach in Semporna. Many of family make their house near the beach because easy to go to sea for fishing and collecting seafood for the food and for sale. If you want to know, there a many interesting islands around Semporna and the islands are most popular among the divers which is Sipadan island, Mabul island, Mataking islang and many more. All of the divers often come to scuba diving around the islands becouse for the beutiful coral reefs and the diversity of wildlife founded in the sea are not found in the other place. The most tourist come to Semporna are from europe and asia.

For the diversity of food, actually there are a lot of food in our country but in my hometown Semporna also not miss of the diversity of food. The are a lot of food and the most popular food in Semporna we called “Putu” which made from tapioca which had been steamed. Other than that, there a “Sagol” made from ray, “Kima” made from clams, “Buras” made from glutinous rice and many more. If want to try, come visit my hometown. All of the dishes are clean and pleasant to taste.

Other than the celebration of Eid, Christmas and independent day, many of cultural and festival was celebrate in my hometown. There are harvest festival that called “Kaamatan day” for traditional of Kadazan dusun, the water festival called “Regatta Lepa day” for traditional of Bajau and “Gawai day” for traditional of Iban. The kaamatan day celebrated in May, regatta lepa day celebrated in April and the Gawai day in July. All of the festival have their own ceremony and trust by the tribe. Actully all of the ceremony was celebrated in state of happy and fun. These festivals also can attract more tourist to come visit our country and increase our economy.

In fact, there are many interesting place that found in Sabah such as Mount of Kinabalu, Sepilok that the “orang utan” place, and also a lot of food and festival that have at Sabah especially in my hometown Semporna. I love my hometown and proud and also grateful to have been born in Sabah.


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